Fallon & Lio's Engagement

Toronto Wedding Photographer

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This past August I had one particularly busy weekend (among many!).  It involved a wedding in St. Jacob’s on Friday, a wedding in Fenelon Falls on Saturday, and THIS stunning engagement session at the Scarborough Bluffs on Sunday.

Some people may think, “poor you, that’s such a busy weekend” – but I LOVE my work.  I love that I get to be outside on gorgeous days, meeting and working with amazing people such as this lovely couple.

I’ve had a few editorial photoshoots at the Bluffs in the past, and I had been craving revisiting this unique waterfront space in Toronto for a lifestyle session of some kind.

Enter Fallon and Lio!

Fallon and Lio found me via this website (yay SEO!) and during our Skype session I was totally smitten with their positive energy and laughter!  They suggested the Bluffs and I was so thrilled!  We met in the parking lot at the Bluffs and immediately hit it off.  Walking around the park we had a great time and took these gorgeous photos.  Love love LOVE these images!

I cannot wait for their wedding day!