Amy & Jordan's Engagement

Ireland Engagement Photography | Blarney Castle

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Those who know me, know that I LOVE to travel.  As a photographer, I am extremely lucky to be able to travel for work, and to also manage my own schedule such that I can explore the world and have a bit of adventure!

This was my first engagement photoshoot outside of Canada, and it was so much fun 🙂

Amy and I first met in University, originally when she was an undergraduate, and then also a vet student!  She is one smart girl with a HUGE heart and a love for animals (which I can absolutely relate to).  When she and Jordan became engaged, they came to me for their wedding photography!  Their wedding is coming up around the corner and will take place in gorgeous Guelph – however when I asked them upon booking when they wanted to photograph their engagement, Amy paused… “Actually…we’re moving to Ireland for Jordan’s med school”.  The gears in my brain began to turn, “How do you feel about me coming to Ireland for your engagement session?!” — and the rest is history!

My partner Matt and I blocked off a 2.5 week chunk of time in April and May; Instead of just flying there and back for the shoot, we decided to extend our stay and rented a car and Air BnBs to be able to explore the Emerald Isle!   And wow.  We have ZERO regrets about our decision to do so!

We arrived at the end of April and started our trip in Dublin.  After some sightseeing and a very fun pub crawl, we proceeded to Limerick to meet up with Amy and Jordan, and to photograph their engagement session which took place at Blarney Castle (where Jordan had proposed!).  It was a SUPER rainy day – in true Irish fashion – and we were not quite sure if the storm would pass in time for us to take photos.  Thankfully it did!  We had so much fun exploring the beautiful grounds – I particularly loved the random daffodils in the field <3

Here are a few of my favourite photos from Amy and Jordan’s engagement session!  I cannot wait for their wedding day!